Human Trafficking at Superbowl

Human trafficking is an area that all need to become more aware about. While thousands of fans will be celebrating at Super Bowl, cheering for their favorite team, thousands of others will be sold in the modern-day slavery of trafficking. Our desire is to bring awareness to this terrible issue.

Here are some tips for identifying victims of human trafficking:


  • Clothing maybe too sexual, the wrong size, or not appropriate for the weather
  • “Branding” tattoos.
  • Signs of poor hygiene, sickness or injuries



  • Victim may be under the influence
  • May be disoriented or confused
  • No eye contact
  • Uneasy around law enforcement



  • Unable to provide details about personal things (where they live, where they are going, or what they are doing)
  • Answers appear rehearsed, may come across as angry or defensive
  • Victims may look to someone else for help answering personal questions


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