What are people saying about Strong Foundation Films?

…a movie that will convict and inspire you to prayer and action for those enslaved in this evil enterprise that is all too prevalent in our cities ….

Eileen Vincent City Reachers, for the love of San Antonio

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from,
it’s going to speak to you. It’s going to touch you.

Stephen Baldwin

The subject of human trafficking is not an easy topic to discuss with family and friends, however in cities tied to Interstate Highway travel, it is a real problem for everyday families.  The movie Run sheds light on the tactics, methods, psychological domination and inside dealings of individuals trapped within the human trafficking culture.  Every family with children who are students and every church youth group would be better equipped to avoid this terrible cultural blight by viewing Run.

Harrell Teague Coach and Consultant, San Antonio Baptist Association

Run is a hard-hitting movie about the realities of the issues of human trafficking. Regardless of one's religious or spiritual background this movie is a new standard in the presentation of the horrors that victims must endure during their captivity. I highly recommend the film "Run" and encourage anyone who is passionate about this issue to take time and view see this movie. Run is a must see movie.

Kenneth Bullivant, President PATH Now Global

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